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Free up time to focus on strategy. Let us tackle the payroll details — big or small.

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See the benefits of working with ADP®

When you work with the payroll experts, you get custom-tailored solutions to fit your organization — saving you time and money and giving you expert support and accuracy.

Tailored to meet your needs

Every business is different. That’s why we offer more payroll options than any other provider. With nearly 70 years of full service payroll-processing experience, we've developed payroll solutions to support customers across:

  • Size — From 50 employees to 1,000 employees to 100,000 employees, across the globe
  • Industry — From hospitality to health care, manufacturing to construction, retail to financial service, tech and more
  • Levels of service — From tax and compliance alone, to:
    • Payroll and HRIS
    • Payroll, HRIS and outsourcing
    • Payroll and HRIS in a professional employer organization (PEO) arrangement
  • Configuration requirements — From software integration to integration with your HRIS and most ERPs

Easy to use

We listened to feedback from our many clients and ran with it, making the design of our payroll platforms intuitive.

What you need, all in one place

When full service payroll and HR systems are unified, you can log in to one system for all your HR management needs:

  • With one click, add a new employee with data pulled directly from your applicant-tracking system
  • When an employee changes benefits, the revised deduction automatically pulls through to your payroll
  • One HR database lets you zip through and access the metrics and reporting you need to manage your workforce

“ADP has streamlined our processes … employee self-service and time-off processes have eliminated a lot of wasted paper and time.”

—Amy Odle, Administration Manager
   M&M Merchandisers, Inc.

Proven savings

How much can you save when you partner with us for payroll? According to recent research by Forrester, our clients saved up to $797K over three years. Read the reports.

Buy only what you need

Choose the right option for your business and pay only for what you need.

Relentlessly focused on making full service payroll easier

We’re committed to your business’s future. Our team of researchers and business anthropologists listen to customers like you to understand how we can best fit your needs. We then use our investments in research and development and our innovation labs to deliver new ways to help ensure your success.

ADP: Enhancing Employee Experience With Dependable Payroll

Find out how ADP® Comprehensive Services helped Pinnacle Agriculture increase efficiency and eliminate errors in their complex payroll department.

We’ve got your back for compliance and more

Rest easier, knowing that your payroll is always accurate, on time and in compliance. Our 2,500+ compliance and support specialists make it their job to stay on top of regulations — so you don’t have to. You’ll know you’re in compliance with local, state, federal and global payroll and tax regulations, tax reform, overtime rules, FLSA, Health Care Reform, EEOC, new-hire reporting and much more.

Trusted by more businesses than any other payroll provider

We work with more than 700,000 clients worldwide — and most partner with us for 10 years or more. That says something about commitment and trust.

“We don’t have errors anymore; we don’t have mistakes anymore. People trusted their payroll for the first time in company history.”

— Alan Kessock, Chief Accounting Officer
    Pinnacle Agriculture

ADP® HCM Client Service — “A Day in the Life”

A day in the life of our HCM consultants and their dedication to helping their clients achieve their goals.

Professional support from certified experts

With thousands of responsive, certified payroll experts and HR professionals across the globe to lean on, you always get the level of support you need — from getting your payroll up and running to handling all your questions.

“When I think about ADP, the number one thing that comes to mind is trusted service. They’re our trusted partner and the company I want to partner with because, whenever I call, they have all the resources I need to get the answers to all of my questions”

— Connie Stahnke, VPHR
    Duininck Companies

Hands-on implementation support

Depending on your needs and the best payroll solution for your business, you can get personalized, one-on-one implementation training by an ADP expert, not a third-party vendor. You also get it when you need it, using your own configuration and data — not dummy data or a demo system — so you can get up to speed quickly and easily.

Top-rated full service payroll software

Leader in NelsonHall Payroll Services NEAT Report

7 years

Top HR Product Winner in Human Resource Executive

6 consecutive years

Everest Group
PEAK Leader Multi-Process HRO

9 consecutive years

See our payroll capabilities

Flexible pay delivery options

Today’s workforce is evolving and expecting more advanced pay options. Choose from:

We handle any pay scenario

From salaried to bonus to hourly to contingent, we have you covered. Across W-2s and 1099s, we help ensure your workforce is paid correctly. Have different pay rates during the same pay period? No problem — we easily handle paying employees different rates in different states.

We cover where you operate today and tomorrow

Full Service Payroll delivered — from Portland to Providence to Paris. We operate locally, nationally and in more than 140 countries.

Automation to lighten your load

From automating your employees' deductions for retirement, insurance and wage garnishments to automating your common payroll tasks, we can streamline the process. We have seamless integrations with the most commonly used software providers and apps to easily extend functionality even further.

We do the heavy lifting for you

Address your tax and compliance challenges, including:

  • Automatically calculate your tax liability
  • Withhold and pay taxes on your behalf to the proper tax authorities
  • Handle your reporting liabilities and issue your Forms W-2 and 1099

If there is an inquiry from the IRS, consider that handled, too.

We cover where you operate

Taxes handled — from Tampa to Toronto to Tokyo. We keep you in compliance, from local jurisdictional taxes to state regulations, in the more than 140 countries in which we operate.

Improve compliance no matter what payroll system you are using

No matter what platform or software you currently use, ADP SmartCompliance® seamlessly integrates with the leading payroll systems including most ERPs.

Standardized reports, ready to go

Choose from hundreds of standardized reports ready for you to download — point, click and be done! You can also download raw data, if you prefer, to use with your own software.

With ADP, your reporting needs are covered.

Compliance reporting

We’re on top of regulations so you don’t have to be. You get robust reporting and thousands of dedicated experts to help you manage your payroll compliance needs including FLSA, ACA, EEOC and many more.

Job costing

Track payroll by job — to make operational decisions or cost accounting much easier.

Mobile app: Used by more than 18 million mobile users

Whenever — and wherever they are — your employees and managers can quickly perform tasks such as:

  • Clocking in and out
  • Viewing pay statements, Forms W-2 and 1099
  • Viewing and editing personal information
  • Changing deductions
  • Managing direct deposit
  • Viewing and requesting time off
  • Approving timesheets

Or if your employees prefer, they can do everything right on their desktop computer.

We’re flexible

We’re an open human capital management (HCM) ecosystem. This means that we have identified the most common types of systems our clients want to integrate with, and have designed solutions to connect with them.

If you have a program we don’t integrate with yet, we have tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect that, too.

Extend your solutions with the ADP® Marketplace

Discover hundreds of new apps in our online store, ADP Marketplace and enjoy free 30-day, risk-free trials.

Full service payroll outsourcing: The ultimate in efficiency and expertise

It’s a challenge to keep daily tasks under control and still have time to focus on the big picture. Outsourcing payroll is a smart way to get back time, money and peace of mind — without adding headcount.

Get exactly what you need — and nothing you don’t

You can outsource some or even all of your payroll responsibilities. Discover one of our unique outsourcing options, ADP® Comprehensive Services.

Help prevent issues before they multiply with a PEO

With a professional employer organization (PEO), you get all the benefits of outsourcing payroll — plus you can rely on us to stay on top of compliance and regulatory issues for you. We can also help you provide Fortune 500®-caliber benefits to your employees.

Global payroll, simplified

Manage payroll for a global workforce with a single, integrated solution. Our payroll services, expertise and unified technology can help ensure payroll is delivered accurately and meets requirements across 140 countries.

ADP Workforce Now® features and benefits

Preview the most flexible payroll and HR solution you’ll find

ADP Workforce Now® delivers the versatility of an easy-to-use solution that scales with you — and the convenience of an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates with all your favorite systems. Discover how smarter HRIS software fits you.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Time
  • 3 Manager
  • 4 Pay
  • 5 Benefits
  • 6 Analytics

Centralize all employee tasks in one place

Save time and reduce headaches by letting employees help themselves with ADP Workforce Now® — the all-inclusive dashboard that includes time, pay, benefits and more.

Start Preview
Make time and attendance convenient for employees

Employees can clock in or out, view work schedules, swap shifts, and even request manager approval for time off from their mobile device.

Approve Time

Enable managers to approve scheduling on the move

Managers can quickly review and approve time off requests, shift swaps and more.

Review Pay

Get pay info in a snap

Employees can view and edit their W2 and access pay statements right from their mobile device.

Update Benefits
Benefits enrollment made easier

Let employees complete open enrollment and update dependents quickly and on the move.

Gain Insight

Empower your managers with real-time insights

Managers receive proactive notification of staffing issues including turnover, overtime and more. Plus they can access critical employee info and communicate with their team.

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  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Payroll
  • 3 Employees
  • 4 Deductions
  • 5 Reports
  • 6 Accuracy
  • 7 Dashboard
  • 8 Self-service

Say hello to easier and faster full service payroll

ADP Workforce Now® takes the guesswork and paperwork out of payroll and tax filing.

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Run payroll in a few simple steps

Access key information at a glance, and run payroll with ease.

Add Employees

Add employees with ease

Automatically add new hires from your applicant tracking tool — no need for manual data entry.

Add Deductions

Manage deductions with confidence

Easily set up and sync deductions to payroll so they're accurate for federal, state and local taxes.

Run Reports

Access clear and simple reporting

Understand topline information at a glance and easily drill down into the details.

Improve Accuracy

Improve accuracy with error detection

Avoid costly errors and frustrated employees with tools that flag potential issues before they happen.

See Data in One Place

See all employee data with one dashboard

See full employee pay data and history in one simple view.

Empower Employees

Equip employees with self–service

Easily access pay, time, benefits and more via desktop or mobile app — loved by more than 18 million mobile users.

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  • 1Overview
  • 2Hire
  • 3Edit
  • 4Terminate

Simplify employee management

Hiring, editing, and terminating employees are hassle-free with ADP Workforce Now®. Our suite of easy-to-use tools helps you save time and reduce errors.

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Make hiring a breeze

Bringing new employees into your organization is seamless with our easy, step-by-step wizard. Employee data can also be pre-populated from your existing recruiting tool.

Edit Records

Update employee records in a few clicks

Easily edit key employee data— including title, reporting, pay, and much more—in one simple dashboard.

Terminate Employees

Make terminations simple and fast

Reduce errors, and steps, with a customizable wizard that ensures final pay is handled, company property is recovered, and benefits or direct deposit adjustments are taken care of—quickly and painlessly.

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